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Every morning I struggle out to the kitchen to get my kids ready for the day. The truth is they wake up very early and see their Dad while I "sleep in" until half past six when he leaves. Most of the time I can barely open my eyes since I am definitely NOT a morning person.

Once Biggie leaves for school I make myself a cup of tea and fire up the computer. I spend a few minutes flicking through the masses of newsletters and email subscriptions I get each day. I am a glutton for this sort of stuff and sign up everywhere. Partly because I love shopping, partly because I have an interest in marketing. Also for inspiration for my own business -I like to follow new trends in colors and patterns and popular themes. I dream about being able to wear the new designs and re-decorate my home every season.

This is what I have scanned today and liked:
Fabric remnants from Lotta Jansdotter - beautiful linen designed and printed by Scandinavian Lotta Anderson (she's based in Brooklyn these days).

Women's custom-made jeans at IndiDenim - new pocket styles were announced today but sadly they are still only offering shipping to the US and Canada.

I usually click on every link in Holly Becker's daily mail via Decor8. It feeds my love of letter-pressed cards for one thing and is just beautiful in every respect.

Landsend like to keep me in the loop - yesterday's news was about the new fit system there which includes much more modern styling! I am pretty excited about the introduction of scoop neck tees this year and I love the current color palette.

For color inspiration and cool photography I usually peek in at JCrew kids: CrewCuts

I get tons more e-newsletters each day but I am sure you'll be feeling information overload by now. Plus my Little Guy has been flopping around on the couch in front of the dreaded box for too long already while I have been doing this!

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