It's all in the name

Today I've been reading a book about business, specifically sewing businesses. One chapter has got me thinking about the name of my business. When I started Mee a Bee I thought that was a good name, sounded kind of playful and kid-oriented. It's derived from our surname which is spelled Miyaba... and pronounced Mee-ya-ba ...

I wonder how people pronounce Mee a Bee since all my sales and communications are done online.

Over the years I have mispronounced a lot of common (new) words because I normally "hear" about things by reading about them (living in Japan my main source of information is via the Internet or occasionally the newspaper). Words like Tivo and Botox (my sister will still laugh when she remembers how I said this).

Other times I hear words being spoken by Japanese people. That really screws things up! My husband says Yaafoo when talking about Yahoo (the search engine).

You can view a sampling of new words that have gone into the dictionary here, Mirriam-Webster

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