Kiddie Cafe

My friend suggested we have a "Mom & Kid Chatty Cafe" to kick off Spring Break. A lot of the Chatters are in fact grandmothers but a few have kindergarten and school-aged kids. We thought it would be fun for the mums to bring their littlies for a kind of playdate. We're doing it before school breaks up but after kindergarten has finished for the year (to limit the number of larrikins like Biggie!)

I have invited all the mums that I know have pre-schoolers. I'll be here with Little Guy of course and my babysitter has a kindy-aged daughter so she'll be here to help.

I'm charging 2000 yen per family (bring as many kids as you like!!). I'll make cupcakes and provide juice for the kiddies. The mums will have their usual coffee and cake. We'll play games and sing songs much like a kid's birthday party. It'll be such a lot of fun!

Chatters if you are reading this send me an email if you think you'd like to come.
Thursday March 19th from 10am.
Kiddie Cafe!

Pictured Biggie the Pirate when he was about 4 years old.

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