Make hay while the sun shines

Today Little Guy and I were gripped by a sudden urge to dig in the garden. We've had a lot of rain lately so the soil was really soft and easy to work with.

We soon found ourselves at the garden center where we got five little daisy plants. I have planted them along the scummy wall of our front yard. I was pretty chuffed to get them virtually FREE since I had the loyalty/discount cards from when we bought the trees last year.

Biggie loves gardening so once he got home from school we dug out a few more weeds and have sectioned off this patch for him to plant up with vegetables. It's going to be great! He only got a few strawberries and tomatoes last year so this year we will really have to look after it properly to see if we have better success.

I am really getting old. My back was killing me after all that effort. I was afraid if I lay down I might not be able to get up again! It's OK now but I might be aching tomorrow. Still great to be outdoors though.

Make hay while the sun shines is one of my personal favorite proverbs. I use it a lot, have you noticed?

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