A Menace to Society

It's Friday! The work week is over. Two Chatty Cafes are done. Little Guy survived the baby sitter twice. Although today he came home with a cut head and two egg-sized bumps. Up to his usual antics! Our poor sitter was beside herself and so apologetic. She's a few years out from having a toddler in the home and has never dealt with energetic boys. I feel badly that she felt so responsible. Accidents happen. I trust her 100% with both of my kids and actually I think she probably keeps a better eye on Little Guy than I do a lot of the time.

Take yesterday as an example. I was cooking dinner just a few paces away from the boys although they were out of my sight. Suddenly Biggie let out a huge yelp. Turns out Little Guy had sneakily taken the heavy meat tenderizer out of the drawer then proceeded to hit his brother on the head with it. I thank God he must have done it relatively gently because if he'd really swung he could have actually hurt or even killed his brother with it. Constant vigilance ...

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