Movie Weekend

Since I started sewing I don't really have that much time for television. But yesterday I managed to watch five movies!

Starting Tuesday night Mr and I watched Lions for Lambs . I have to confess it started out somewhat dubiously for me - star-studded cast - seemingly pointless scenes of war in Iraq (just to keep the boys interested?). However long after Mr had fallen asleep it started to make sense and I "got it". Not a lot happens in the film but it leaves you with a definite impression of how a lot of people interpret the situation (of the war).

Yesterday afternoon I switched on the box and found an action/thriller starring Chris O'Donnell. Turns out it was Vertical Limit which I had not seen before. Usual suspenseful scenes and unrealistic recoveries from terrifying accidents but it was a nice distraction in the background while I cleaned out the toy cupboard.

I did turn off the TV once Little Guy came back from his nap but somehow it came on again when he went outside and I discovered The Queen was on. I've been wanting to see this one - Helen Mirren of course is amazing in everything she appears in - and the whole story of Diana's death is one of those unsolved mysteries. What struck me as interesting was the portrayal of the queen as such a grandmotherly figure bustling about in her dressing gown, watching telly in the evening with her mum. I also never pictured Prince Phillip as such a force in the marriage.

Later on, the boys were in bed and I switched the TV back on to The Constant Gardener. I'd seen this before we got a DVD player. I watched it on my computer - tiny screen and tinny speakers. It was much better on the big screen. I love both Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz. I love movies about Africa (The English Patient, Out of Africa ...). And I am all about children so this movie is one I will probably watch again and again.

The last movie event of the day was a silly comedy Mr had picked up. Wild Hogs - Tim Allen - need I say more? We had a few laughs but it was pretty predictable from the outset. A nice lighthearted end to the day.

What a couch potato! A great way to spend a lazy day. I feel quite refreshed today. How was your day?

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