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What did you buy today? I think Nerida put me onto this one (she's got a great blog too)
Shim and Sons is amazing, the family have just relocated for the States to Korea. The photography is really cool and the projects, well, you'll just be so jealous.
Pop into Allsorts for some seriously cute stuff and a big shot of inspiration if you are crafty at all.
Speaking of crafty, I have the book: the creative family - I also really like the blog: Soule Mama. I see a link on there to Good-ness this is one I click on every week. Leslie is a fellow Etsy shop owner who lives here in Japan. She's a great photographer. I love the way she sees the world.
Moonstitches is another blog with beautiful poignant pictures of Japan. Not the typical tourist stuff, just the day-to-day beauty of the place. It's kind of a Japanese way of living, not seeing the ugly. Seeing beauty in the most unexpected places.

I have tons more blogs bookmarked, this is just a random few while I wait for Mr. Mee a Bee to let me change the channel. I am a TV junkie this week. Haven't watched this much in ages. Damn that economic recession, being forced to take a holiday :)

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