Some bags are a hit

Little Guy usually refuses to have anything to do with Mee a Bee especially when it comes to being photographed or trying things on for size. However a few of the bags have caught his eye. This new dog one is definitely a keeper as far as he is concerned.

We don't have any pets but our babysitter has a beautiful docile lassie dog. Little Guy adores her. Our other friends recently got Japanese Akita dog. It has the cutest face. Little Guy is besotted.

Here he is pointing out all the dogs on the bag I made over the weekend. I made two actually. One highlights the beagle and the other an English sheep dog.

The bag is a good size for a little body.

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  1. Adorable. Little Guy looks so engrossed.
    How are you all doing? Is the weather any better? We are still enjoying summery days, but are so busy now with fulltime work and creche. Sigh, can't wait for the Easter holidays...
    Cathy xx


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