Technology saves me again

Last night I got an alert from my online calendar telling me my visa is expiring soon. In order to live in Japan I need a visa/work permit. Since I am a housewife I am on Mr. Mee a Bee's ticket. I could apply for something more permanent but as yet I haven't gotten around to that. Either way I don't want to be an illegal over-stayer so I need to update my visa documents.

Maintaining passports and visas for the family is an important task but one which is easily forgotten since these requirements vary from year to year. I use the online calendar from Yahoo. It has saved me many times. You can enter dates for any year in the future then have an email sent to you as a reminder when it is coming up.


  1. You are at least on a spousal visa? I think those get renewed every five years?

  2. Yes, I am on a spouse visa at the moment. It's a three year one. It's my first spouse visa. Perhaps I'll get a five year one this time? I don't know what the current offers are.

  3. Oh yes.. you should get a very long one your second time round, my first was three years as well.

  4. When I was on the work visa I had to renew every three years. I don't really mind either way but Mr. Mee a Bee will have to make the application and come with me which is a pain for him.
    The whole visa thing bothers a lot of people but I'm not fussed this time around. It'll be nice to go into town for the day.

  5. my spouse one is up in April, I keep wondering about th PR visa but I really can't see the pro's of it, you still have to re-entry with it don't you?
    I thought my visa was up last April and remembered at the last minute - had a major panic only to realise I was a year early LOL.
    You can download all the papers you need online, not sure, DH did it for me!

  6. I had to renew every single year for 10 years in a row before they would give me a three year one. They then told me I had to have 2-3 three year ones before I could apply for PR. I applied anyway after the three year one and got it. Took an entire year for them to approve it though. Just do it.

    Just know that while you are waiting to hear about PR you have to have a current visa. You can't let your spouse visa expire just because you applied for PR.

    Yes, you still have to have a re-entry permit even with PR, but you only have to have that when you are leaving and coming back. If that expires no one cares, just go get a new one before the next trip. With the hectic schedule of small children in the house and having to keep up with their passport and everything else, having PR and one less thing to worry about is great.


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