This is our last chance to get it right!

Woohoo! Biggie and I just got home from High School Musical 3!! It opened in theaters today (here in Japan). Mr. Mee a Bee got home from work early so we made a spontaneous plan to go, just the two of us!

It was awesome, we really enjoyed it. Not as much as 1 but more than 2 I'd say. I'll check with Biggie tomorrow for his critique of it.

We had some minor difficulties with the bus home ... we asked for directions but it seemed like our bus was never going to come so we took another one. It connected us to a different train line than the one we wanted and meant we had to change trains once. Biggie was a little trooper and was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed almost to our station. Considering he's usually in bed and asleep by 8.30pm at the latest and it's now 11pm, he did really well.

Hopefully this will be one of those memories that lasts till he's my age and taking his own kid on a night-time adventure.

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