It's easy to feel like nothing has been accomplished in a day especially when Little Guy is playing up like he has been this afternoon. But if I think back over the day we've done a lot.

8.00 am: Started with a tiny spot of online shopping this morning (they twisted my arm with 20% off for one day only at Land's End).

Multitasked - email & first of several loads of washing in the machine. We finally had some sun today. Little Guy had one t shirt left in the drawer so I had to get it done.

9.00: Breakfast over a magazine while Little Guy built with Lego at my feet. Dreaming about re-decorating as usual.

10.00: Errands. We did a big loop on the bike - post office, supermarket (where we spoke to a friendly fireman and looked at the fire engine), electronics store for printer ink and home in time for lunch.

12.00: Lunch was from the bakery, look at the fun bag it came in.

1.00: started thinking about nap-time. But since it's Thursday it was time for crappy afternoon revisited (remember last Thursday?). This time a weeks worth of #2s from Little Guy blocked up our toilet. OMG! the water started rising dangerously close to the top. I thought I'd need a plumber but thankfully it finally cleared. Phew!

2.00: Little Guy feels invigorated and refreshed, read FULL OF ENERGY. He thinks it's a fun game to run in and out of his room. I'm trying to be calm about nap and bed time (since last week) and today it is NOT WORKING.

3.00: Biggie arrives home and Little Guy has just about fallen asleep. I am frazzled and exhausted and in no mood to greet my firstborn. Luckily he has homework and happily scampers off to his room. He's an angel.

5.00 Little Guy won't wake up despite me opening his blinds, rubbing his face and calling out to him. I know it's going to be trouble since he's due back in bed in two hours time.

Just three hours left until I can reclaim the day for myself. Up next dinner, bath and cake-baking for Chatty Cafe in the morning. I am sure I'll be channel surfing later, anything on tonight?

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