Touch Up Paint? Don't ask!

Things are thrown in our house. Balls and other stuff. For fun and in fits of rage. Things get broken, lost or irretrievable. Like the beanie bag on the top window sill about 8' from the floor. Or the other beanie bag which lives perched on the pendant light shade, also unreachable.

Mr. Mee a Bee has adopted a policy of See no Evil, Hear no Evil. I'm not sure if he really did not notice the large hole in the door or he just didn't want to know.

Perhaps he didn't notice and now he'll never know. Little Guy and I went to the hardware shop yesterday and spent all of the profits from Chatty Cafe on wood putty and touch up paint. I must say I am pretty pleased with how the repair is coming along so far.

I had to cut out the damaged part. Fill the hole with putty. Leave it for 24 hours (give or take). This morning I sanded it back and have just finished applying the first layer of paint. Once that's dry I'll sand it again, paint one more layer and I really think it won't be noticeable! How's that for Queen of DIY?

And now back to out regular programming. Today's fun website recommendation is Egg Press. I love letterpress very much. This company also does offset printing on paper and fabric. I love the paper dolls and the little sewing kits. I don't know what the shipping policies are. It's fun just to window shop there.


  1. I have the same thing, I have two colors, and it comes in handy, it sure does, right?

  2. I think it will. I had something different before but this stuff is like nail polish - easy to apply and fast drying. I am seeing all the little nicks in the paint around here in a new light!

  3. Just did another coat - it's looking even better now!

  4. Martha Stewart 2nd on the rise!!!


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