Valentine's Day

On this most romantic day of the year I've had a lovely sleep-in punctuated by little visits from my boys. All three of them popped in and out to ask me where things were, to show me things, to give me little kisses, to tell me stuff. Lucky for them I was feeling happy since this started after 7.

Big and Mr. have gone for the day, to work and gran's for the weekend. Little Guy and I have hung out the washing from yesterday and are hoping the skies will remain clear. The weekend looks good with no plans. Lovely.

Biggie got two Valentine's Day gifts from his two competing girlfriends. Handmade chocolate truffles from one and a plastic heart filled to the brim with chocolates from the other. Both delivered personally yesterday afternoon.

Biggie loves Valentine's Day. He made everyone in the family a card. He was very happy when a red envelope arrived from his cousin in Norway. Perhaps more will arrive today!

xoxoxo Happy Valentine's Day xoxoxoxo

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