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Back Cover Zakka Craft book

I find felt crafts irresistible even though I never ever seem to make any of the cool things I see. This book (ISBN4-579-11023-4) is called something like "You can use anything to make cute stuff for your daily life". Actually I can't read the title. This is what I think it should be called since the author has made stuff like slippers from a carpet tile. She mainly uses craft felt to make things like coasters, placemats, even a yoga mat.

If you want to try some of the carpet tile projects then you'll need some quite heavy duty tools - a mallet, a rotary hole puncher and grommet pliers among other things. They are all listed with color photos.

The addition of leather straps and the innovative placement of fabric scraps add to the charm of a lot of the projects. There are full instructions and some templates for stenciling or embroidering details. These would make great boyfriend & girlfriend projects since it's a combination of DIY and craft/sewing. Most of the stuff is more cool than cute and certainly very functional.

Get your copy from Amazon Japan (search my blog for the ordering instructions).

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