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Lulu's comment on my post yesterday reminded me of a great song about bodies. 'Dem Bones' is a fun song but I don't know the words. While I was thinking about where to look them up I realized that I have a whole book of lesson plans for this age group.

A lifetime ago, before I had kids of my own, I co-authored an English language course for the three to five year old age group. Yes! I'm a published author! I had completely forgotten about it. Here are some pages from the accompanying storybook. I still have the original pencil sketches that turned into these gorgeous illustrations. Our artist Tom Knowles is just amazing. Even after almost ten years I still could not pick my favorite page.

This was an in-house publication and was considered "product of work" so I didn't get any royalties. Damn. Thousands of copies were sold and it was a great success though.

I'm ready for today's event. Cupcakes are done. Just need to finish cleaning up the house. You never know with kids, they might go into one of the rooms that is normally out of bounds for guests due to the mess!


  1. Those illustrations are familiar to me, I'm sure I've taught from those books ... was there a little green guy called Alex (I could be totally wrong on that name, but it's something about his family?)?

  2. yes Jay, if you worked at NOVA then you taught from MY book :) the boy's name was Alex - we chose that so the kids could practice saying the 'x' sound and the 'l'. His sister was Lisa.

  3. That'll be it then! I've got a little half-Japanese boy as well, he has the similar 'sandy' colouring of your boys - I always say my boy is a 'watered down' version of his father!


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