My mum loved her new bag and napkins so much she actually called me. It's pretty rare for her to call. For one thing it's pretty expensive. She doesn't know what might be a good time to call. If she calls and I am not home she tends to worry about me. The trend over the years (almost thirteen of them) has been for me to call her (often, you know what they say I can't get by without my mum).

Anyway mum's birthday present was a success, phew! But I forgot to photograph her bag! It was made from blue matryoshka fabric. Lined with brown needle cord with blue polka dots. Reversible. The best bag I've ever made she said.

I also found the perfect cards for her. Blythe dolls. I think she will stick them on her wall.
And I sent her a letter writing set, matryoshkas again.
Then since it was a present from Japan and to complete the doll theme I found a kokeshi doll magnet.

So cute!

Now I have my thinking cap on for my sister's birthday, next month. So far I have found a couple of things to print and make off the Internet. Remember my handmade pledge? These are gorgeous. Vintage children's book illustrations. And bookplates from The Black PDF

Perhaps the birthday girl has a special request?

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  1. Draw string bags are always good. We went to the pools yesterday, togs bag for me and emily is just a suggestion. Or we use place mats alot since we have a wooden table with a light varnish...


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