A cake decorating trick

My creation, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

I learned this trick years ago from Martha Stewart. Picture this: Chatty Cafe starts in an hour. The cake is bald and unadorned. Both you and your little one are in your pajamas. There's no time to waste.

Tip: Place four strips of wax-proof paper in a square along the edges of the cake plate (and final serving plate). Place the cake on top of it (lower left picture). Decorate with whipped cream or frosting, icing we call it in New Zealand. Don't worry if it slops everywhere around the edges (middle left). Slide out the paper leaving your cake plate nice and clean (top left). Be careful not to let little fingers touch the final product. "It's for the ladies!" (right)

Yummy Chocolate Cake and Caramel Latte - 1500 yen per person with an hour of chat included free. Chatty Cafe.


  1. hmmm that looks so good, if there is any left over, you know where to send it!

  2. There's one piece left with Little Guy's name on it. Biggie took 3 pieces to his friend's house. I took 2 pieces to the babysitter. It doesn't last long!

  3. Martha Stewart rocks!! my baking might not be to her standard or yours by the look of it... but my cupboards and draws are they have her name all over them.
    Onya Mrs MeeaBee

  4. Looks yummy! Love your new banner by the way!

  5. That cake looks amazing! Caramel latte, YUM! Your a whizz!
    I call it icing too :)

  6. hey Mimoo thanks for noticing the banner! I found a great website about color!

  7. Mmmmm looks delicious!


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