Colour errrr Color

One person noticed my new "banner", thanks mimoo. In fact I have tweaked the whole color scheme on the blog. It's easy to do on Blogger, just customise (top right button on your blog), then go to fonts and colors.

I found this really cool color website (via The Storque on Etsy) where people/designers create new colors and color palettes. Other members vote on them to drive them up the hot list.

Each color is listed with its HEX # and RGB (red, green, blue) mix. I'm no expert but all I did was copy the color HEX # that I liked and paste it into the fonts & color section on blogger (one at a time).

Take a look at the site, it's fantastic. I like the trend section on magazine covers best : Colour Lovers

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  1. yeah i love the new 'red' color, it is fun to play around with your blog as it makes me feel like a real cool techie when in reality I can barely create a link!!!


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