Echino 2009

My favorite online sewing shop has uploaded pictures of the 2009 Echino fabrics. Take a look. I'm a bit keen on the birds. And I still love the damask from a previous season.

Plus PATTERNS! these are new as far as I know - a messenger bag! a laptop bag! and a weekend bag! These are fabulous.


  1. Japanese fabrics are so famous and they are so different than other fabrics. Just by looking at it we can say that this is Japanese

  2. I have been so lazy with getting my sewing machine.. I really want to create some Duvet covers and shams...

  3. I want a new duvet cover too - the difficulty is getting wide fabrics - unless you like the patchwork look - cheaper to buy I think.

  4. I love the new patterns and what looks like cotton lace in hot pink...Oh if only I could read Japanese !!!!


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