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I'm back from my lesson/coffee morning. Exhausted since Little Guy tagged along. He's finally gone to sleep so I am catching up on the morning emails, trying on my new t shirts (backordered and arrived by surprise) and reading a great new book that I got free in the mail (more on that in a couple of days!)

On the weekend I discovered a new (to me) artist. Today she's popped up again via some other emails and pages. It's meant to be! Michele Maule lives in Pontiac, Michigan but she used to live in Portland, Oregon. I am quite obsessed with Portland, Oregon. I don't know why? All the cool people, especially artists and creative people live there. I want to go there. Of all the places to go in the US that'd be my top choice.

Michele's blog is called how 2 draw a cup of coffee . I love coffee and I'd love to be able to draw. That's another reason why I clicked onto her blog. You should have a look at Michele's really cool drawings and mixed media artwork on Etsy. If you like what you see then go back to the blog and enter in her giveaway. Then if you are really really hooked go to IndieFixx and download a free print via the Feed Your Soul project. I have just printed out two pictures for my office wall. How cool is that? Free art! thanks!!

PS Of course you should also think about BUYING some of her art as well :)

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