Out and About: Franc Franc at Rinku mall

Franc Franc, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

I managed to escape the mad-house for a couple of hours tonight while the boys were out on their star-gazing adventure (sadly it was canceled due to poor visibility).

I had a very nice time though.

I went to Franc Franc for some inspiration and took these photos surreptitiously. I hope I don't get into trouble. It was an explosion of color, a real pick me up. You definitely walk around this store with a spring in your step.

My first stop was the material shop. I looked on every shelf and at each display. Wonderful. Plus I had a discount voucher that they kindly sent me. I didn't go crazy, very restrained ... so boring not being able to buy buy buy.

I felt pretty tired after that, felt like it must be really late but was stunned to see it was only 8pm even though I could've sworn it was later.

Lucky me I was sent a Starbucks credit voucher this week so I got myself a nice big hit of caffeine for the drive home. It was awesome blasting the stereo and singing loudly without Punch & Judy blabbering from the back seat.

It's after midnight, the caffeine did the trick. Or maybe I am just excited after American Idol. No spoilers please we're a few weeks behind here in Japan.


  1. Would love to see this shop!! the black and white things look cool.
    Ah Good old Starbucks brings back memories...

  2. Yum - does this mean you're a FrancFrancOPhile?

  3. hehehe yes a franc francophile and a francphile!


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