Girl's Day Giveaway

It's Girl's Day in Japan! The day where little girls are celebrated by their families who bestow upon them their wishes for a bright future.

It's a lovely occasion, very bright and festive. Families with girls have huge display cabinets for the special dolls and the supermarket is full of bright pink food.

We celebrated with our niece on the weekend. We ate the traditional sushi and clam soup. Her doll display took up half the room, it was gorgeous.

I thought it was high time I had a giveaway so last night I made this Piggie drawstring bag. It's linen cotton with a touch of lace, double drawstring 10" x 15". Oh so cute. Girls will love it.

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The giveaway will run till Tuesday March 10th, Japan time, then I'll select a winner randomly and be in touch. One entry per person, thanks! Good luck!

In addition as part of the celebration I have put together these kits so you can make your own drawstring bag.

In my store for just $7 + $3 p.p


  1. I am following on twitter and on this blog. I think that's so cool that girls are celebrated. I wish there was one here in the states.

  2. i am following on this blog. thanks, stacey

  3. oops, i like your bag, i love all japanese fabric. i have two girls and two boys, the girls are a tad more difficult but i could not imagine my life without them

  4. @superdumb just followed you! I'm already on your Facebook group.

    My daughter's 5th birthday was yesterday and I am wishing I had more of an impetus to celebrate girls' day. I grew up in Hawaii where there is a much bigger Japanese community, so it was a fun annual celebration, but in Kansas... not so much!

    Roo would love the sweet bag.

  5. Hi! thanks for entering! the odds are pretty good that you'll win at this point! C'mon everyone else! Doesn't matter if you've won something from me before, enter again!

  6. Hi de ho! I follow Mee A Bee and the 'adventures of Jacqui' on your blog and on Facebook!

    Yeah its cool girls have their own day - it's International Women's Day on Friday and I'm celebrating with other fabulous women in the fine tradition of a long lunch.

    Girls day is every day in my house :)

  7. hi my name is abby. i am 10 years old, my mom is stacey above. i got a sewing machine for christmas and am learning how to sew. i like it very much. if i win you can email my mom to let her know. i hope i win, your bag is really cute. i am following you

  8. Hey Mee a Bee! I'm following you too....on Facebook and on blogspot. I'm not sure about twitter though...I know you follow me, but I'm not sure if I've returned the favour yet. I've been a fan ever since I got that cute little bag for my iPod!

    By the way, I really talked up Etsy and your shop in particular at the AFWJ convention! Some women were talking about selling their crafts and I suggested Etsy and told them what a great job you do making bags.

  9. I'm following your blog on blogger and I'm now following on twitter (username:auntiethesis).

    Such a cute bag and a great idea..Girls Day! My 12 year old daughter would certainly sign up for Girls Day because she thinks every day revolves around her. She always says "Why is there a Mother's Day and a Father's Day but no Daughter's Day?".

    shel704 at aol dot com

  10. Hey we found each other through etsy and your work is beautiful, I am now following you on blogspot and I know I will be inspired all the way in Australia!
    Please enter me in your totally gorgeous giveaway.

  11. Oh that is so sweet. All of the Japanese festivals are very beautiful and this one is so cute that they give away the cloths. I wish all the countries should have something like this once in a year.

  12. What a lovely holiday! I think Girl's Day sounds beautiful and should be celebrated in more countries around the world.
    I am following your blog. Thank you for holding this adorable giveaway.


  13. love it! I knew it was girls day today as my niece, Sophia is almost 1 and I sent her a little tshirt with a squirrel on it!! Please enter me in your giveaway as littlemimoo would love it for a new kindy bag. A girl must always have options I say :-P tina

  14. I love it, I am following you!!! So generous of you to offer a giveaway!!

  15. This is awesome! so many new friends to connect to! Thank you everyone, good luck!!

  16. I just started following on Twitter. LOVE your Etsy site (and blog too!)! Great stuff. :)

    If you are ever interested in promoting your items feel free to check out my blog: and see if you would like to add/donate one of your creations as a Giveaway! I would LOVE to help promote one of your items!


  17. Hi!
    you know I'm following you in every possible way :)
    Gorgeous bag! I might need it for an upcoming birthday of a pretty little princess......


  18. i am following you, too. one day, you will turn around, and there I will be.... looking for some cake and coffee......

    watch out!!!!

  19. This is great! tell your friends! thank you!

  20. What a lovely bag. My daughter would be delighted. You are one of my favourites on etsy.

  21. thanks for your comment on my blog. you're correct, it's only right that i leave a comment here! i think we are connected through twitter, flickr, and etsy. have a great day!

  22. I love the drawstring bag and the little piggies - I will be crossing fingers and toes until March 10th! :) I have two girls, Ronja and Frida, so I'm quite certain it would have happy recipients! I live in Denmark, and I added you to my blogroll and my rss reader - now for us to be truly connected you should add me as well! ;) Love the girl's day celebration - it sounds just wonderful! :)

  23. I love the bag. Great work! I am following you on twitter and following your blog. How neat that girls are celebrated with a Girl's Day.

  24. i a little bit wee...late? :) Hi there :) I love the idea of celebrating girl's day!

  25. Comments closed while I do the draw thanks!!


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