I promise ...

Spent the night cleaning (major plumbing issue) and was up until almost two AM. Awoke with a start to the sound of Biggie's Hello Kitty toy piano. It was 6.45 am. I knew it had to be Little Guy playing since Biggie is away this weekend. I struggled to open my eyes and called out. Little Guy dashed in saying Hi! Hi! Hi! When he passed me a chocolate biscuit I knew he'd been up for a while ...

I followed him out and found him sitting at the dining room table with three packets of biscuits open, a biscuit set at each place. He had a bottle of apple juice and two cups, one for his teddy bear. Most alarmingly he had the sharp kitchen scissors as well since he'd used that to open the biscuits. Oh well, at least I got a sleep-in!

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  1. when my son was little i woke up to find him standing in the toilet. just glad it wasn't head first.

  2. That all sounds horrfyingly familiar! Do you think we could get a group discount on military school as that is where I think Devil Boy is headed.

  3. Yes! I broached the subject with Mr. Mee a Bee the other day ... he's not so keen but we all know who the boss is here!

  4. Well, if not military school maybe a group rate on cages? LOL!

  5. you got a sleep in and somebody laid out breakfast for you.


    and honestly,teaching your kids how to use the proper tool with respect, and then watching them follow through, is quite fulfilling. (i.e. opening the cookies with the kitchen scissors instead of ripping them open...)

  6. Yaye Jan, thanks for putting a positive spin on it. It is quite clever I guess. I know I am raising them to be self-sufficient in the kitchen.

  7. Not to mention the fact that for a little guy he has a strong sense of sharing. One at each place and all organized for teddy:) What a sweetheart.



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