I'm trying here

If you read my post below you'll know I am going to make more of an effort to "educate" my kids. Particularly Little Guy has been missing out.

Two emails this morning have helped:

- Activity pages and coloring in Thomas & Friends Live on Stage promo page for Twitter friends

- Fun stuff for kids from Oliebollen
Biggie is famous! take a look here!


  1. You were doing this this morning.

    As I said no half measures for you!

    My DD has taken to telling me what she wants to do. She seems to have finally got the alphabet down. Now I really have to get on with teaching her to read...when precisely?

  2. I read your post yesterday on your life, and the kids, and as I didn't quite know what to answer, I decided to wait a bit. I think these things are very different throughout the world, in Denmark we don't really "teach" the kids at home, until it's time for helping with home work when they're in school. BUT - we do spend a lot of time with them. Talking, reading, playing, and while we do that we kind of process what's going on around us. I think - in general - people in Denmark talk to their children a lot to make them curious on life and how everything works. I like the fact that my 4-year old f.ex. is learning the alphabet at the moment, but it's because her own curiosity has lead her to it. I don't know if this is of any use to you, but those were my thoughts. :) By the way, your children are too cute for words, and though it sounds like things haven't been easy for you, to me it sounds like you're a great mother - with all the ups and downs that come with it.

  3. Thanks for the link to our Fun Stuff page. I love the photo of the kid's coloring. Would it be okay with you if we posted it on our blog (http://www.oliebabble.blogspot.com) with a link back to your post? Let me know via e-mail (maggie@oliebollen.com). Thanks again!

  4. Thank you!

    Astrid I really like the sound of things in Denmark and I think that's how I do things intuitively. I guess in my last post I was feeling like I had lost my way a little bit but your comment and all the others on the other post have reminded me I'm on the right path. Thank you!

    and thanks Maggie for the comment, you are welcome to use this image!

  5. LOVE the photo -- and thank you for the link to the activity pages! Much appreciated! Stay well!


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