Just call me ... Captain Actionman

It's school holidays now so Biggie is industriously entertaining himself. He's writing a comic inspired by Captain Underpants.

His lead character is Captain Actionman. The villain is the Mummy Mover Guy (mummies of the Egyptian kind).

Biggie has drawn his comic but I see you can make them online to email your friends on the Scholastic site.

I'll see if he wants to publish the next installment later.


  1. I love Captain Action Man!!! He makes me swoon.

    (You should embroider him on a shirt!)

  2. Biggie is a really good drawer now and his writing is so neat! Good on you Biggie.

  3. Nerida you overestimate my craftiness - embroider??? whoa Nelly.

    Thanks Auntie Sal, even I was surprised how much his writing has improved recently and also his spelling it not too bad.

    He's finished this one. It ended up with Captain Actionman hypnotizing Mummy Mover Guy and him being taken to 'jale'.

    The new one is called "Captain Actionman and the Tower of Evil".


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