Kiddie Cafe

Tomorrow I am having my first Kiddie Cafe. I've invited the Chatters from Chatty Cafe to bring their pre-school and kindergarten aged kids for a family fun morning.

I'm planning a few games and lots of fun. I've made cupcakes and bought a case of juice boxes. The mums have been pushing for this since last summer so we're finally doing it. It will just be a tiny intro to English for most of them.

I've enlisted Biggie's help with the prep. Since the children range in age from two to five we'll be looking at the basic concept of our bodies. These paper plate faces are double-sided awaiting the Little Picasso's smiles or sad faces. We'll sing "If you're happy and you know it". Flipping the face plate depending on the verse. I think we'll stamp our feet if we are sad.

Biggie is making some face parts for a "Pin the tail on the donkey" type activity with faces. Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes will be another good action song. We'll try Simon Says too.

Any other suggestions? It'll have to be something that doesn't need prep though since I have three dozen cupcakes to decorate this evening!

The stickers are the thank you gift. Biggie had a great time with the stamps. The kiwi stamp is from A Little Goodness. Yes, even I have been known to buy cute Japanese stuff online, I couldn't resist the kiwi, being a New Zealander!


  1. Sounds like kids chatty cafe will go well! Looks fun.

    My ideas for body theme that take no prep are simon says (with body parts, ie touch your toes, clap your hands, shake your hips)

    Another song is Them bones, them bones (not sure of real name) but it goes something like "head bones connected to the neck bone, neck bones connected to the....etc)

    Have fun & what a lovely son biggie is for helping you out

  2. Thanks Lulu, your post reminded me of another game too, thanks! Duck Duck Goose will work well with this crowd.

    Thanks for popping in!

  3. pass the parcel and musical chairs. they are fun!


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