Lisa and Gaspard

This week I've been working on some kindergarten bags for a friend of mine. When she emailed me I thought it was pretty amazing that I had a pattern just sitting on my desk with the cutting layout pictured. I was able to tell her exactly how much material and which notions to buy straight away.

The pattern I used was from Clover, a freebie I picked up advertising the Lisa and Gaspard range. There are tons more free sewing and knitting patterns on the website. The fabric is very beautifully printed soft oxford weave cotton. I love the colors, the grey and salmon pink.

And you really should check out the books, written by Anne Gutman and illustrated by her husband Georg Hallensleben. The first story is about how Lisa and Gaspard met. It was Lisa's first day at a new school and they did not hit it off at first. So cute! Random House have a dedicated "mini-site" to Gaspard and Lisa.

There are lots more mini-sites here. In fact the Random House website has a lot of information about books (of course) including age recommendations. Biggie loves the Magic Treehouse series. I also picked up the first four books in the Captain Underpants series which he loved so much he read them all in a couple of days.


  1. Oh my goodness - I want it all!!!

    Those fabric stamps of them at the table are so good they make my teeth hurt.

    (Where was all this stuff when I was a kid? Although I did have a magnificent Hello Kitty toothbrush and soap set. It included a little nail brush shaped like a milk bottle. What kid wouldn't want to clean their nails every day?!)

  2. I tried to find some for you Ned but they are so expensive they make my teeth hurt :(


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