A little me time

I'm sure the perfect way to end the weekend would be a glass of wine followed by a soak in the hot tub.

Here's how I spent my evening. I rushed out of the house, shouting "I'm going out!" as the door slammed shut. (Little Guy was crying about something and I just couldn't face the back and forthing from the lounge to his room a dozen times before he settled). I left Mr. Mee a Bee in charge.

I rode my bike to the bookstore and flicked through every single craft and sewing book they had before settling on this magazine about kids' fashion. I biked to McDonalds where I had a coke and a Cinnamon Melt and looked at my magazine. In peace. By myself. In an unhurried way. Until I had to come home to watch American Idol.


  1. Sounds like a break was much needed and deserved. I have a week on my own with E, as JP is away on a school camp... I think the mornings are going to be the hardest - getting both of us out of the house by 7.15am without JP's help. I might have to set the alarm an hour earlier than usual!

  2. hmmmmmm yes we're still in our pjs at 9.20am

  3. Good for you!!!! Glad you had a fab time and ME time out.

  4. Just a small break is all we need sometimes.


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