Making this quick

Good morning. The sale continues this weekend as below, all the pink girly stuff is marching out with 15% off. The giveaway is still going too. I am amazed and thrilled to have so many new visitors and friends coming out of lurkdom to comment. I hope to reply individually this week and connect to some of your lovely blogs, thank you! Keep the entries coming!

As for me today I need to get off my butt, away from the computer (Twitter so addictive, Google Reader, even more addictive). I have four little girls coming for their English lesson this morning. Biggie is going on a field trip and needs a bento made by 9 ( I have an hour). Little Guy piddled on the couch yesterday so I need to wash the covers (sigh). I have pink eye again (gross) but I have found that hot tea bags seem to work. I need to get it looking better before the class starts. The sun has come out so there's washing to be done (school uniform) and sneakers to be washed. Little Guy and I might squeeze in a trip to the mall before Biggie gets back. Then tonight the boys and Mr. Mee a Bee are planning a trip to the mountains for some star gazing. That'll take us through to twelve hours from now!

Have a good day!

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