I'm a bit busy today with lessons and such. I'll leave you with this BEAUTIFUL website. VeganYumYum, the photography is amazing.

I was searching for a recipe for marmalade for my crockpot. I don't know how to make jam but I was given a huge bag of oranges on the weekend so I need some way of using them. I don't think it's going to be possible to use the crockpot so I still have my thinking cap on. Can I be bothered stirring and checking it all afternoon?

Last day to enter the giveaway today!


  1. Yes you can!!! it is well worth it and you will enjoy eating it, It is my fav spread on toast, easy peasy

  2. I just checked and found you a URL if you want to have a look! I was curious...marmalade is one of the few jams I like.

    No idea how good it is though.

  3. Thank you Helen! so kind! I will check it out!


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