My little friends ...

... helping me with my photo shoot.

My other friends are beating each other with garden stakes. Duty calls.

Edit: I've confiscated the stake. But this is frustrating right? We have a huge front yard and a sizable backyard, even the side yards are pretty big. It's completely fenced. Where do you think you kids are? One is standing on the fence. The other is throwing stuff over the fence and waiting for our neighbor to retrieve them.

I hate to think what she thinks of us. Yesterday I heard her calling me. I went outside to find that Little Guy had turned the outside tap on full blast. It's a sunken tap, inside a receptacle in the ground. It angles so that the water was squirting right over the fence and all over her deck. Sigh ...


  1. I'm very thankful that the tap at my work is almost impossible to turn on by little hands. Other centres I have worked at have detachable tap handles, but I'm sure you don't want to go to that much trouble.

  2. at our house we call things like that 'doing science'... (for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction)

  3. i have heard stories of my mother's frustration from my brother throwing things over the fence into the neighbor's yard.

    must be a pretty common thing.

    freud might call it penis envy.
    chomsky might see a child's cry for attention.
    i think it might just be fun to throw stuff over a wall and wait for someone to bring it back and to watch the fireworks.

  4. oops sorry Nerida, yes we're big on science lessons here too - numbers are my kid's faves though.


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