A new art product

It's housework day. While I was tidying up Biggie's room I found this picture that he did over the weekend. I think it's finished so I have popped it in a frame for him as a surprise for when he gets home.

He did this picture with his new watercolor pencils. They're amazing things. Made by Mitsubishi they look and work like regular colored pencils until you "paint" over the picture with the special water-filled brush that comes with the set. Then it looks like watercolor!

Faber Castell also make watercolor pencils. I recommend them for school aged kids. They're expensive so your child needs to be able to take care of them properly. Ours were a gift from grandfather to celebrate Biggie's silver medal at the New Year's calligraphy contest. The monkey was also a gift from Ji-Ji (grandfather) who recently went to Vietnam. It's handmade and so cute.


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