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Have you heard about this? Moda Fabrics has enlisted the help of designer MoMo to create a whimsical line of fabrics with that unmistakable Japanese cute quality to it.

From the Moda Site:
"M o M o

As a child growing up in Japan MoMo often found herself retreating into to caverns of her imagination. It was only natural for this talented young artist to eventually grace the world of graphic design. As she set out to redecorate the world with her patterns, colorful fantasies and childhood musings spilled out in a Technicolor landscape filled with imaginary places and graphic interpretations of the world in her head. MoMo’s designs are bold and colorful with a flare for the surreal, her feet firmly planted on the ground and her head in the clouds."

The line is very pretty and is called Wonderland. It's just sweet enough to slip into the mainstream rather than appealing to the hardcore kawaii lovers. I think it seems like a very sensible marketing move on their part (Moda).

Lots of free quilting patterns and a couple of cute bags on the Moda site.

And graph paper! which I needed today for Biggie's Reading Class - make your own word finds! we played scrabble instead. Biggie won by 11 points!

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  1. Oh WOW Jac - that is the most amazing site and fabric - I think I've just found my fabrics for the winter quilt I'm thinking about making...

    The fabric matcher application on there is fantastic!


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