No No NO!

I just love this picture. From last week or the week before. Little Guy. The bag. No No NO! he says. Then he flings the bag across the room. Eventually the dogs catch his eye.

What do you think of Bumbo seats? I'd seen them on Amazon for astronomical prices and looked no further. Then I found this BRIGHT YELLOW one at our secondhand shop for $10. I got it even though Little Guy was over the need for a little seat like this but he loved it. I put it away a few months ago but had it out on the weekend to pass onto our new nephew. Little Guy pounced on it as did Biggie. They both thought it made a great helmet, independent of each other, they both have the same silly boy sense of humor.


  1. Bit like my DD. She won't go to the shops without her Mee a Bee messenger bag. Into which she puts a softtoy lady bird, a couple of bead necklaces she has made and a mirror!

    The bag however, is flung on the floor and left for dead as soon as we get home!

  2. I've had a couple of 'no no no' moments myself this week - but overall it has been surprisingly trouble-free looking after E by myself. You are right that the odd glass of wine has been consumed after her bedtime though :-)
    I have a newfound respect for you getting the kids up and to bed each day by yourself - can't wait for JP to get home tomorrow!

  3. So cute....I have a daughter who doesn't want to go anywhere without are blanky. These kids I tell you are so cute sometimes really.

  4. I loooooved our bumbo. My lil P was a wee bubs and so he was able to sit in it for months and months.
    Love the emotion in the picture...and love the bag too :-)
    See ya around on Twitter

  5. We had a BB for Mac when she was little until we arrived home one night to find it (all A$70 of it!) in 10000 pieces with some very guilty looking doggies sitting alongside!

    They are a great invention - we used to sit Mac up on the kitchen bench and have a 'chat' while I made dinner.

    I'd buy one again. I think they are great.


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