Oh my tension

Tension - giving me stress and making me tense. When we talk about tension in sewing it's referring to the "balance" of the stitches on both sides of the fabric. The stitches should be even and lying flat on both sides of your sewing - not bobbly and loose or too tight.

Somehow my tension was shot today and no matter what I changed I couldn't get it right. I promised my friend I would have this bag done by today so of course I started it today ;) and then the problems began. The tension. Grrr. The bobbin ran out. Grrr. My overlocker came unthreaded. Grrr. Then the kids wanted their lunch. Grrrr. All's well that ends well. It's very cute.


  1. Tension means the same when talking about humans... its all about balance between things like work/life !!!!
    I noticed the banner to but didnt mention it Change is as good as a holiday..

  2. that's adorable! i love the newsprint apples!

  3. Ah! The tension drives me insane too! It makes me swear. A lot.

    But the bag looks great :)


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