Our dinner tonight

I've been keeping this ratty free recipe for years, tucked into my recipe book. Every time I make niku jaga (potato and beef) I aspire to have it look like this. I've just taken the lid off the pot and ... success! It is picture-perfect and smells heavenly.

If you were to make this at home (in a foreign country) the key is to buy good quality but extremely thinly sliced beef. You may have to ask your butcher to prepare it for you specially. I think you can buy cooking sake and mirin in most supermarkets or at least the Asian supermarket. This is an easy dish and my all time favorite Japanese meal.

My recipe calls for 1 tablespoon mirin, 3 T sake, 5 T sugar and 5 T soy sauce. This creates the perfect blend in my opinion, I like the sweetness.


  1. Ooh perfect timing for me to come and catch up with you;I also love niku-jagga but have yet to find that perfect recipe.I shall be trying this one very soon.Thank you:)

  2. It was GOOD and so easy I don't know why I don't make it more.

  3. ohhh...that one's going straight to the slow cooker for a mid week-er! yum! thanks so much!


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