Out and About: Kids Clothing Japan

I am thinking about starting a regular feature about the local retail scene. Since I love shopping. The shops here in Japan are amazing and quite different from home in New Zealand.

Since I run a business targeted at children I take an interest in trends in fashion in the children's market. Over the weekend I snapped these two shots of the window displays at a shop called Bibid Market, in the Aeon Rinku mall.

The outfits are pretty out there for me but I do like the way they have styled the look with cool toys and retro coke bottles. It sums up their ethos pretty well - cool and hip, a bit funky even eccentric? Probably not eccentric actually, these are fairly typical outfits for the young girls I see around here.

Take note of the bag, a cute "pochette" in patch-worked leather. Also the other accessories: necklaces and brooches. Quite a sophisticated ensemble really.

For my boys I definitely won't dress them in anything that has a nonsensical English phrase on it. The t shirt below says Love and Peace Back Alley. (?) OK, Back Alley is the label.


  1. Merchandising makes my knees go weak. LOVE it! More!

  2. Thanks Nerida, MORE is the cue word I was looking for - MORE I have! Yes indeedy I don't care about getting in trouble for taking photos of their displays anymore!


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