Pasta Please

Evening! Gosh it's late! I've had such a busy day. Chatty Cafe (Banana cake) this morning and then an afternoon spent playing with the boys and doing paperwork.

One of the Chatters popped in this afternoon with lovely home grown pesticide-free Rucola (rocket) from her garden. Yum! Pasta anyone? I only wish I'd had fresh Parmesan to sprinkle on top of it.

This dinner simply called for olive oil heated in the pan, sauted the greens until slightly wilted, seasoned and served on hot pasta. Primo!

It's been my mum's birthday today. Happy Birthday Mum! She called me earlier this week to say how thrilled she was with her hand sewn presents - the napkins and a bag which I forgot to photograph!


  1. Oh this looks delish!!! My fav green and some parma on top.. YUM

  2. We have rocket as a salad green here, have not thought to cook it up! Have some growing in the garden and I think I've just found it's higher purpose...

  3. Oh gawd I hope it is the same thing ... that's what the woman told me it was and I did look this recipe up in an Italian cookbook.

    last night I sauted all kinds of Japanese mushrooms in garlic and red wine then threw in some "greens" It was very nice too. some kind of Japanese greens that look like weeds.


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