Recessionary Practices

The economic recession has me worried. Friends have lost their jobs. Sales are down in retail and Mee a Bee has been decidedly quiet. Fortunately for us it's not our main source of income so we're doing OK for now. Still it's rather doom and gloom everywhere.

A couple of things we can do in these difficult times are trade or swap and buy second hand. (Or not shop at all, I know!)

This lidded cup was a great find at my local second-hand shop. I think it's a jumbo tea cup? You can't see the detail in the photo, it's so pretty.

And don't you love this deer? I discovered Little Cabin in my hearts list and approached Janet about doing a trade. I was thinking about birthdays for this year. Isn't it adorable? Since Janet had already added Mee a Bee to her favorite list I was hoping she'd pick something so I could get something from her. She's started a blog, SpiegelHouse, take a look.

While you are at it have a look at her Sweet Ambs, Janet's daughter. She is a pastry artist! She makes the most amazing decorated cookies. You can see more in her shop. What an amazing artistic family.

Speaking of trades I'm also working on some sewing for a friend of mine. She has some material and needs a bag. I have great affection for her fruit cake. So a deal was done - my cake will be arriving in time for Easter.

I spent Sunday morning baking and cooking. We quite often buy lunch on a Sunday but in the interests of saving money and eating more healthily I cooked up a huge pot of soup, made egg sandwiches, pasta salad, apricot slice and the cake for Wednesday's Chatty Cafe. Eating out is always a good way to blow the budget. So eating in?

Biggie is hoping to contribute to the family table later this summer. He spent Sunday morning planting his vegetable patch. We hope to see lettuces, radishes and perhaps some corn! Worldwide it's a growing trend (excuse the pun!) to grow your own veges since these make up a large part of the grocery bill each week.

What are you doing to cut back or reduce overconsumption? This is so cool. Obsessive Consumption.


  1. Hi Jacqui,
    I just left you an award on my blog.

  2. Thankyou for blogging us! Trading with you was wonderful. I just got back from Seattle and went to a wonderful Japanese bookstore there full of crafts books. Can't read a thing, but love the pictures.


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