Rubber Stamps

I'm so excited! A friend of mine has invited me to attend a stamp making class! I have been wanting to have a go at this for ages. It looks kind of tricky. I am not usually very good at intricate stuff like this but I am willing to have a go.

We've found a class on a Sunday so I can go, isn't that cool? It's in a couple of weeks time. It's being held at the wholesale stationery shop - you know what that spells? T.R.O.U.B.L.E

Now readers of the design blogs will have heard about the colored masking tape. I've just seen a picture of it on the store website (where I am going), did I mention it's wholesale? Let me know if you want some. I can set you up via my PayPal account.


  1. sounds fun.

    i should be working on my cards at the moment.

    i also love using m-t. fantastic stuff. :) made my 2008 christmas cards for family and friends with it and had a blast.


    karen sato

  2. I saw you had some on your Flickr page Karen. It is cool isnt' it? I fear if I got some it would just go to waste. I see all these cool projects online but once it comes time to do them myself I can't seem to make them work.


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