Sudden Whims & Uncontrollable Spending

This evening I suddenly felt the urge to buy a calendar. I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment which has me feeling a bit out of control. We've had guests this week so I haven't done any work at all (lovely to have a rest really) but now I have to get stuck into it. I need a plan.

After the kids' bath I dragged them to the local 100yen shop (like the dollar shop). Unfortunately they didn't have any calendars and neither did the supermarket. I guess it is almost April. Anyway as I ran into the supermarket I spotted a "special table" of books.

This one is called something like "One Week Patchwork Projects". About four of the projects are explained in detail with one task completed per day over the course of a week.

ISBN 4-529-04229-4 published by Nihon Vogue 2006

It's a great idea, bite-sized chunks of creativity each day. Knowing me I would want to skip ahead and then end up making a mess of it. I most likely won't make anything out of this book but I had to buy it since it was half price. Sucker, that's me.

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