Tech Overload

I'll admit to feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed by all the technology available to businesses and individuals these days. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Wordpress ... OMG there's so much to learn.

According to some if you want to make it in business you have to be active in all of these forums. Well it's starting to feel like a bit much for this mum from little old NZ. I still remember when marketing was just four Ps (Product, Place, Price, Promotion). Well it is still these things but computers and the online arena have added so much more to each element of the mix.

I love my blog because I love "talking" to you each day. I spend most of my days here by myself with the kids. When I do speak to "real" people they are second language learners which means all conversations have to go through the "will they get it?" screening process - it's exhausting. I chat to my mum about once a week and a couple of friends every couple of weeks so most of my daily "conversations" are in my head or to you via this blog.

I think Blooming in Nihon plays a part in the success of my businesses (Mee a Bee and Chatty Cafe) as it allows customers to interact with me or get a behind the scenes view of the processes involved. I'm a real person not just a cash register! Plus the business started from Blooming in Nihon since I used this as journal and forum for feedback while I hashed out ideas (thanks!)

I try to keep a balance between the businesses and my personal life but the truth is as a self-employed, work-from-home mother the lines between work and play are very blurred. I wouldn't want it any other way really. Don't you agree?

Anyway thanks for keeping up with me and please don't feel pressured to connect with me everywhere online. I'm just trying to keep up with all the trends and hopefully gather some new customers along the way as well as keep my loyal customers in the loop their preferred way.


  1. Hiya! Thanks for visiting my blog! Osaka must be pretty now and filled with hanami! I heard on tv the sakura blooms early this year!

  2. love your fabrics you use on your bags and projects! i love love love it! thank you for your comment!


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