The Value of Networking

Through networking I have made some really valuable connections and made some great new friends.

Obviously the blog has been a wonderful way to meet some really special people who I have connected to on a very personal level. The blog also helps me stay in touch with my friends and family - they don't seem to mind the sparse details I put up here.

Last week I found out about Skout Trade Fair which is a professional networking page for businesses. I've spent the whole weekend popping in and out.

Then yesterday I caught a glimpse on Twitter that the Etsy Treasury would be opening up in 20 minutes. I'm not sure who posted it (I follow about 1500 people so it moves at a rapid pace). It was nap time so I quickly put together this Treasury featuring some of my new friends and business associates from Skout Trade Fair. Take a look at all the good people there. Here you can see all of the alternate picks as well as the main ones. Isn't it great?

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