Warning: mummy post

I know I post a lot about my kids and you probably get sick of it but today I want to share this milestone for Little Guy. He's modified a drawing by adding ears, eyes, a nose, hands and feet! He must have been paying attention yesterday too.

He didn't get too much felt-tip on his pajamas, hands and face!


  1. how cute! dont worry I have taken to even framing some of little mimoo drawings. also I thought i had posted back to your but something went wrong and I cant see it anywhere now!
    anywhoo I am up for a product swap as I liked your post on recessionary practices so if you see anything you like in mimoo shop just let me know as I would love to swap one of your apple tote bags for little mimoo to take her kindy lunch in...

  2. Told you there weren't any flies on that one!

    It is a great picture with wonderful color!

    kaimacat@not quite sure why the name area won't let me put my name in any more?

  3. sounds great Little Mimoo - a few babies on the way in my circle. I'll email you.

    Thank you both for commenting on Little T's genius!

  4. cool! email me at littlemimoo@gmail.com whenever suits!

  5. Just lovely....things are great here - thanks for checking in - love your new messenger bags :)


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