We get you there with time to spare

I did quite a bit of sewing yesterday - mainly finishing off things I had lying around. I spent a good deal of time trying to fix the tension on my Juki machine, looks like it may need a service. But it didn't take long to re-thread the overlocker, I am getting the hang of it now. So I felt better after the stress of Saturday.

One of the things I made was a set of bags for Biggie for the upcoming school year. He moves into second grade in April. He doesn't need a whole new set but since he needs one new bag ... I found this excellent material for him. It's Shinkansen (bullet train) material, a lovely navy blue like his school bag, and covered with lines like a subway station map. I thought it was cool and not too babyish. He agreed.

I like the little slogans "Shinkansen We get you there with time to spare" or "Shinkansen is the only way to go".

The fabric is made by Kokka and is an officially licensed product from Sanrio, only for sale in Japan.


  1. Wow! You really are on fire at the moment - every time I check your blog you have made something new and cool. Love the fabric - and, Biggie a 2nd grader?! That's incredible.

  2. Those school bags are so awesome, but look really big and heavy for the little ones! I have visions of several small children outside school lying on their backs unable to get up like little beetles!

    That fabric is great. Perfect choice.

  3. yes! it weighs 1000g EMPTY once it's full it's very heavy. At least once a week I ask him if he REALLY needs to take so much stuff to school.

  4. I can't believe he's so big/old myself Cathy. It doesn't seem like that long ago we were karaoke-ing with him on-board!

  5. hi Jacqui! I have been wanting to ask: does all children carry the red/black bag to school? Is it a must or other types of backpack are allowed?

    I remember checking out at a departmental store in Japan and it aint cheap! :)

  6. Around our area all the children have these bags. I think they are still standard everywhere in Japan. A lot are being made cheaper these days and can cost as little as $100.00 but they're usually five times that. I think it's common for grandparents to buy them as a gift, ours did. He'll use it for the next five years so I guess it's considered an investment. After one year it still looks new.
    They come in lots of pretty colors now. Most of the girls have pink ones. Biggie's is navy blue. I liked Hunter Green.maybe Little Guy will pick that color when he goes.


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