Yaye! Fun!

Kiddie Cafe was awesome! We had a blast! The cupcakes, all 36 of them, were all gobbled up. All of the activities were fun and I think they learned a few things. They were certainly more than willing to participate.

It was exhausting though due to the sudden freakish heat. Our cherry blossoms have bloomed, it's so warm. I'm off to have a nap. I still have one more day of lessons this week. 3 days in a row is kinda grueling.


  1. Oh wow - I love the pictures! What did you make them out of?

    Yes go and have a nap...I think I'd need a lie down too after that!

  2. I drew the head shapes on a roll of paper from Ikea. My friend who I wrote THE BOOK with, who is an actual early childhood preofessional, told me to do necks and hair so it wouldn't be scary for little ones.
    BIGGIE drew and colored the face parts, he is such a clever and helpful boy.


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