Are you a mumpreneur?

Mum+entrepreneur = mumpreneur

No, I don't make these words up! I've been described as enterprising. I like that. Entrepreneurial? Perhaps. A mum? Yes.

A few weeks ago (maybe a couple of months ago) I was asked if I would like to preview a new book: The Ultimate Mumpreneur's Guide to Online Business Success by Mel McGee. Of course I jumped at the chance since I love reading, business topics, self-help books and free stuff.

The book arrived a few weeks later. I left it on the table unopened, then I moved it to the chair still unopened. I had completely forgotten what the book was even about until I finally opened it. Looked at the title, this is good timing, I thought!

The first thing that struck me about this book is the tone. It's written in a way that really speaks to mothers. No technical jargon, just one mum talking to another. It asks questions that really get you thinking. For the first time ever I actually got a pencil and started making notes right there in the book. Then I got a big piece of paper to make more notes. Ideas just started flowing. Suddenly a lot of things became clear. I felt motivated and on fire. I read half the book in one sitting.

Big idea to share? We're busy. We're mothers. We're working from home, we're working outside the home, we're involved in activities at school, we're busy, welcome to the 21st century! I don't have enough time is the cry we often hear. And me, I'm asked how I do it all. The question is how are you using your time? Are you using your time efficiently? This idea is for all mothers not just those in business.

Commit to a Mum Power Hour once a week with no absolutely distractions (that includes email and your phone). Decide what you are going to focus on and devote an entire hour to that task. It made me laugh but McGee has a point - act like a man - that means no multitasking. Men don't have the wiring to multitask, women do and it can work to our disadvantage. Juggling too many balls, reading through too many mental lists, never achieving anything 100% to your satisfaction. I'm up for the challenge, how about you? Be it meal planning for the week, balancing your household finances or writing a marketing plan. Do that and only that for one hour, once a week. A power hour.

I haven't quite finished the book but I am so fired up about my business. I have already made quite a few changes and taken action with results. It's spilling over into other aspects of my life as well.

You can join the Supermummy Mumpreneurs Social Network to find out more and the book is available from Amazon.

The same editor has also published a book called the Expat Entrepreneur, another book which sounds great. Anyone have that?

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  1. Thanks so much for blogging about my book Jaqui - I have my Google Alerts set for Supermummy so I know whenever I pop up online! Just wanted to mention that I know Nihon well after spending 8 years as Cabin Crew for JAL BC (before children), it was like my 2nd home! Been to NZ a few times too! Beautiful country.


    Mel x


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