Handmade Giving: Baby Blanket

Do you remember the pretend quilt I was planning? Well here it is finished. In fact it's not a quilt it's a minky blanket. I'm calling it a quilt because of the patchwork printed fabric on the top.

Initially I was planning on making a quilt with bound edges but then I found this excellent tutorial for sewing minky baby blankets on I Craft.

I'm not sure if I got the right thing but what I am calling minky is kind of fluffy soft velvety material. It reminds me of chenille. But it's very light. The difficulty in sewing it is that it's slippery and stretchy. The key was pins and lots of them. This project took me exactly one hour to sew last night.

I pre-washed and machine dried the fabrics (another day). I ironed and cut them to size. Then I pinned until I was blue in the face, right sides together. Sewed all around leaving an opening. Turned it through and stitched close to the edge to close the opening and I continued around the whole blanket. Then I topped stitched all around all four edges about 2 inches in to create a kind of flanged border.

This quilt is for some very close friends who are having a little girl later this year. I chose blue for the back since the front has such a lot of pink but also blue. In truth the pink at my local store was putrid and I hated it. I hope the little baby appreciates the gender neutrality of her first gift from me. How much fun is it buying or making stuff for girls??

For something similar you can check out my friend Mimoo's store. She makes these kind of blankets for a living so hers are not homemade looking like mine is!

I Craft: Minky blanket tutorial.


  1. Is that Shinzi Katoh fabric? I must get onto a quilt project soon.

  2. thanks jacqui! you are too kind. I love that fabric and I agree minky is terrible to sew but well worth it !

  3. No it's just regular fabric, probably Kokka. $9 a meter! instead of double that for Shinzi Katoh.

    Mimoo! only one more sleep!

  4. Ooh so nice, you are clever. I would love to have the patience to sew something like that. I keep threatening myself to get it all out and start cutting but I have too many unfinished projects on the go!
    I love the tree design square.

  5. very nice!! love the fabric!!! love kokka fabric

  6. Kokka is great. They make so much wonderful material, much more than you see online and at all price points. One day I hope to visit the showrooms.


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