Bagels and Babies

I'm thrilled to inform you that Little Guy and I actually had a nice day in town!!!! I pushed my fears aside and went to a cafe for lunch. It was quiet so Little Guy had his choice of seats. We sat by the window on high bar stools which he loved. He didn't eat much but I managed to eat my whole bagel and drink my latte before he started opening and closing the auto-doors (an indiscretion I was willing to overlook).

This is Bagel & Bagel in Namba Parks. Lots of you will be familiar with it. Ordering food and eating is one of the simplest things you can do in Osaka. There are thousands of pleasant, clean and reasonable cafes and restaurants. Here at B&B you can check out the prices before you go in. Then you can point to what you want from the photo menu. Easy!

My friend MissB loves the decor at B&B since they have "antique" church chairs that are imported from the UK. I like the friendly service and of course the bagels are delicious (make mine with avocado). It's a favorite treat for me.

Buoyed by our success at the cafe I decided to "risk" popping into the fabric shop. I hardly ever go right into the city so it seemed like too good a chance to pass up. Little Guy actually sat in his stroller almost the whole time, didn't try to run off when I let him out, didn't pull anything onto the floor or shout loudly at the top of his lungs. We looked like a normal mother & kid out for a day of shopping! More later on what we got.


  1. They need some of those nice cafes here. The food situation is not the best and is a real rip off.

  2. It's great in town now and at the malls around here it's not bad. Will you come for a visit soon?

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Your son is so cute and the billboard for the bagels...mmmmm. Wish I had one now!
    Hope you are having a nice weekend, the weather here is the nicest day we have had this year.
    Take care XO.

  4. I love this cafe... but the title was very cute...


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