Boys Boys Boys

The often-heard cry in the kid's world is that cute products for boys are lacking BIG TIME. I hear you! I am often frustrated by boring designs, predictable colors and the sameness of it all from year to year.

That said I do tend to keep BUYING the same old thing. Plain twill shorts (Little Guy has about ten pairs all either navy or khaki green), printed tees and sneakers.

I'm trying to get Mee a Bee stocked up with cool stuff for boys. So far it's all cars, diggers and bicycles. I can't find any cool dinosaur fabric. The pirate print available this year is on a weird background. The new robot print is double-sided with a polka dot backing which shows though and I am not keen on it.

Here's little Guy wearing hand-me-downs and modeling a new toddler backpack from Mee a Bee. To be listed later.


  1. Jacki!!! Love what you do and your great boys. My grandson is 6, tiny, and unstoppably smart. I'm going to try to hook you and his mom up on Facebook to talk boyland. She's a great mom like you. For my grandson, its all about studio Gibly, Totoro, etc.

    Love seeing your wonderful post about the boys! yay boys and moms of boys!! Danger bunnies!! Heeyaaahhh

  2. Thanks Antonia! that sounds great!


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